This book is your fast-track to all those little and not so little secrets your time-trial rivals don’t want YOU to know about. Read the feedback, testimonials and reviews from the few willing to share. This book covers:

  • The psychology of self-motivation and self-improvement
  • The challenge of the work/life/cycling balance
  • Exploiting the relationship between power and speed
  • Optimisation of rider and equipment aerodynamics,
  • The opportunities and pitfalls in choosing equipment
  • The key elements required in an effective training plan
  • Detailed guidance on race preparation and race pacing
  • Advice on how to look after yourself and stay healthy

It separates the big wins from the things you really shouldn’t be worrying too much about.  Avoid the common mistakes and misconceptions that disrupt or limit the development of many riders.  Avoid the expense and frustration of trial and ERROR! Read about how to get the most out of yourself and your equipment!

Achieve your true potential!

Fly through the pain barrier!!

The four fundamentals of flying are lift, drag, thrust and weight.  Take away lift and you almost have time-trialling.  Reduce drag, increase thrust or power, reduce weight and you are on your way to learning how to f ly on your bike!  The fourth fundamental is pain!  Just as insufficient lift will keep a plane from taking off, insufficient pain will keep a time-triallist from truly flying.

Adam Topham is passionate about time-trialling!   In this book, he screams this passion from the rooftops and vividly captures the pure essence of the race of truth!  The book is available only here on this site or as a Kindle eBook.