First scientific aero testing today.  Here are the major lessons and findings for me:

  • Don’t rock up to an indoor facility expecting to measure your speed via GPS.  It doesn’t work.
  • As the book says, it IS possible to to get very close to optimum aerodynamics without scientific and relatively expensive testing.
  • Elbow width once reasonably narrow is less critical than I thought.  Results were indistinguishable with hands and forearms together versus around an 8cm separation.  In both scenarios forearms WERE parallel.
  • Overshoes are definitely a significant aero benefit, despite recent conflicting research.
  • Onboard bottles certainly do not universally improve aerodynamics.
  •  I gained the equivalent of around 90 watts over a period of well under a year, through position enhancements, equipment selection and effective training.  Only 5 of those watts were gained today despite testing a number of position variables.  So the other 85 were gained with no scientific testing.
  • The 5 watts came from raising the height of my hands about an inch.  Raising them further than that was worse even than the original position.  I could not have got those 5 vwatts without scientific testing.