If you evaluate this product based on its potential benefit I hope you will agree that  makes it a very reasonable time-trialling investment, as demonstrated in the table below.  It is not, however, a cheap book.  It is available only in hardback and is printed in colour.   It is built to last.  If you choose to buy it I hope you keep it and refer to it for many years.  Although they are my own words I still revisit them frequently to remind me of certain aspects of its content and to help my drive, commitment and motivation.  It is also a book provided for a niche market.  Everyone is special.  But we time-triallists are a particularly special bunch of people, in that our pursuit is not everyone’s cup of tea, as we say here in England.  Therefore all the fixed costs associated with printing and publishing a book need to be recouped with a lower volume of books. So please try not to compare it to a running book, for example.  The market for running books is huge.  Even a more generic cycling book has a very large market.  But I wanted to write a book that was specifically for potential or existing time-trialists.  So I did! 

Item Approximate Cost Seconds Saved in a 25 Mile TT, maybe… Approximate Cost Per Second Saved
This Book

£23 to £28 

60 to 180 or maybe even more 15p to 50p
Latest Aero Helmet £150 to £300 30 £5 to £10
Fancy Skinsuit £150 to £300 30 to 60 £2.50 to £10
Fancy Aero Bars £300 to £500 30 to 60 £5 to £16
Wind Tunnel Session £800 60 to 120 £13 to £25
Latest Fancy Wheels £1500 to £2500 30 to 60 £25 to £80
Fancy Frame £2000 to £4000 30 to 60 £30 to £130


A Kindle version is now available  (see ‘eBook’ page from menu bar), but the physical book is available exclusively* from this website.  You will not find it available new via the traditional retail book channels.  Here’s why:

  • Book retailers and publishers are obviously in business to make money and there is nothing wrong with that.  But the result is that it becomes very difficult to make niche, low volume books available via the traditional retail channels without charging substantial cover prices, probably in the region of double the price of this book.
  • No online or physical retail store or site is likely to be able to provide you with the amount of information I can share on this site about the product.
  • It is also potentially the sort of book that might incline the reader towards a desire to make contact with the author and/or other readers.  This site makes that possible.
  • You may even wish to ask a question before you buy and if you do, I will endeavour to answer it for you, albeit I will be reluctant to divulge in advance the secrets passionately revealed under its covers.

* For those who live and race in the UK, it MAY on occasion be possible to procure the book from me in person for the reduced price of £20.00, at races for example.  I will not, however, be intentionally or actively promoting it in this way and cannot guarantee to have copies available every time I race.