Find out how to reduce the drag caused by you and your equipment.  Get an insight into the profound difference it can make.  Understand the impact of wind and why it is that faster riders seem even faster in difficult conditions.  Learn how even race pacing can be used to minimise the impact of the ever-present force of drag.


Learn how to understand your current capability and how to implement a training regime aimed at building on this and turning you into a more powerful rider.  Learn about ways to get the most out of yourself and to organise and motivate yourself to train more and train harder.


Weight makes a difference, albeit not as much as drag.  But every second counts.  If you are carrying any excess weight, even shedding 2 or 3KG might make you go faster.  Learn about how to eat healthily whilst still supporting your training and racing regime. I thought that at around 73KG I was at my minimum healthy weight.  However, some minimal training and dietary measures saw me lose 3KG with a positive impact on my overall health and well being.


Time-trialling hurts.  The more it hurts, the faster you go.  The faster you go, the more it hurts.  The higher your pain threshold, the greater will be your ability to develop as a rider. Read about ways to use your mind to push your body, in training and in racing.  Be consumed by the essence of time-trialling.  Be consumed by the passion to go faster.  And to fly through the pain barrier!